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    “Grafit” is an ideal two-level apartment

    The arrangement of a cozy apartment on the upper floors of the capital high-risehas many advantages, and the coordinated work of the architect and designer on the transformation of the premises can create a real interior masterpiece.
    Design Interior Design Studio Evolution employs something unique and personal to each customer in every project. Apart from this, the apartments of the capital “Grafit”, the second level of which is located on the former technical floor, were no exception.
    Planning for such an apartment has certain rules and is subject to the principles of functionality and comfort, which are the result of a painstaking work of interior designer. So the zone for a collective pastime (kitchen, dining room and lounge area) is located below. Private area (bedroom, children’s and bathroom) is located on the second level. But if the second level – this is a former technical floor, then its re-planning should be especially careful because of the presence of supports and communications.
    The appearance of the newly renovated non-residential building acquires a unique charm, if you keep and correctly integrate unpaved walls or concrete ceilings into the interior. In our project, some audacity of a quiet interior provides the finishing of the walls in the bathroom. We emphasized the texture of concrete wall blocks, painted them in a glossy black color and emphasized the warm orange backlighting.
    An integral attribute of an interior of a two-level apartment is a staircase. The march ladders take a lot of useful space, but their design is safe and reliable.
    The modern design of apartments assumes the unity of style. Room decoration should be simple. Excess jewelry is inadmissible. Elegant furniture, designer fixtures, original paintings must form an integral composition of the space in which it is pleasant to stay.

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