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    Location: Kiev
    State of the object: at the implementation stage
    Total area: 100 sq. m.

    We embodied the philosophy of interaction of the external environment and internal space in the new design project of the guest house. The exterior of the building is very modern: a flat roof and laconic rectangular forms. The building has a small area, but it is equipped with everything necessary for a full rest. The glass facade of the house serves as a conditional border, combining the interior and the external environment. The design of the house is very reserved and knowingly devoid of ornaments. The preference is given to simple forms and straight lines.

    The focus made on natural colors and materials in the exterior design. We used decorative plaster, brick, natural wood and its imitation, warm and dark colors with impregnations of several shades of natural wood.

    Particular attention deserves a large terrace, which is an organic continuation of the house. It is a full-fledged summer kitchen-dining room, equipped with a barbecue and a lovely suite. The barbecue serves as a fireplace in addition to its main purpose. This turns the terrace into a kind of living room, which gives the elegance of designer chairs and lamps.

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