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    Great opportunities for small areas

    The design of small apartments is a harmonious combination of functionality and comfort.
    Is the design of small apartments a problem or an opportunity?
    The limited area is the main factor that must be taken into account when designing the apartments in Kiev. After all, the metropolitan square meters are expensive, and everyone wants to express their own individuality through the interior of the home. Experts advise: when designing the apartments for a small area, it is better to abandon styles that include bulky elements (classic, English, empire). The minimalism, high-tech or Scandinavian style will help to express the individuality of the owner and save living space.

    The design of the apartments depends on its area and shape. The main rule: a reasonable zoning space. It is best not to overload the apartments with furniture, but use it to distinguish the areas. Use non-standard, technological, multi-functional furniture. For example, a large wardrobe built into the wall, a sofa that transforms into a bed, bunk beds, folding working spaces, retractable racks, roller doors and other ergonomic solutions.

    Interior design. The replanning.

    A radical variant of changing the design of apartments is a complete replanning. Among the owners of small apartments it is popular variant of replanning, which combines the kitchen and the next room. A complete demolition of the partition or part of it forms an open space. If such an association of the working area of the kitchen with a living room is for some reason not permissible. It is rational to install a sliding structure of glass or plastic on the site of a solid wall.

    Do not forget about the color characteristics of the finishing. The predominance of dark colors visually compresses space. It is better using light colors, placing accents with bright decor elements or furniture for small apartments.

    As a result, the standard space can turn into a modern and stylish.

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