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    The design project is indispensable if you have to adapt a small-sized flat for your own needs. Only with its help it is possible to plan the space competently, designate all functional zones, and arrange furniture and much more. The development of the plan guarantees that later in the rooms will not be crowded; inconveniences will not interfere with work and leisure.

    Dismantling the wall between the kitchen and the room, you will get a more spacious studio with a parlor, lounge area and kitchen. Here you can also organize a workplace. If the open space is unacceptable for you, use tinted or matte glass partition. The secret of creating a small area is in competent zoning and successful arrangement of colors.

    If the designer strongly recommends you a Scandinavian, minimalistic or loft interior, do not refuse. This is a reasonable compromise. Multifunctional storage systems and built-in wardrobes successfully replace the wardrobes. White, gray or pastel colors visually increase the room. Avoiding boredom and monotony will allow bright accents in the form of textiles and décor be noticed.

    You can create an interior without using expensive finishes or exclusive design chips. The professionalism of the designer and your imagination can effectively transform even the smallest flat.

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