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    Parents have to solve a difficult task – to observe the harmony between the desires of the child and his own ideas about beauty and functionality. Fortunately, modern designers and architects offer a lot of non-trivial planning and decorating solutions.
    The center of attention is the color of the interior! The child should feel comfortable in his own room, and therefore should avoid bright contrasts. It is enough to choose a calm background. The pastel color of the walls is appropriately supplemented with a few bright accents. You can make an accent wall with a bright print in the room, or decorate it with wall panels of contrasting color.

    Selecting furniture for the child’s room, determine the number of functional areas, and then – with the complete set. First of all, take care of the arrangement of a recreation area with a comfortable bed. Provide enough storage. Be sure to provide a comfortable workplace for older children and for the creativity of kids.

    Every child’s room is interesting for its details, which reflect the mood of its owner. It can be the wallpaper with favorite cartoon characters, a place for collections and much more.

    Interior designer services

    If you have already decided on the style, furniture and decor of the child’s room, you tell the designer all your wishes. He also takes into account:

    – personal interests and the age of the child (the situation in the room correlates with them);

    – ergonomics and functionality of all components of the interior, their environmental and traumatic safety;

    – ease of operation and cleaning of the premises.

    After working out the plans for electricians, arranging furniture, etc., sketching and 3D-visualization, the designer will present you the final project.

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