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    Focus on the bar

    The bar is an almost sacred place for any restaurant and cafe. The key to understanding the extraordinary importance of its correct design is the share of the annual profit from the work of the bar.

    The bar counter is the visual center of the interior. It is in the center of attention of visitors and the every detail of the decoration is extremely high. The bar design and the concept of a restaurant should be concentrated. The ideal design of the bar involves three components: convenience for customers, external aesthetics and compliance with technological requirements.

    Design of restaurant and bar
    The concept of the bar in the design of the restaurant is based on the principles of functionality and ergonomics, which directly depends on the flow of customers, the quality of their service, and the profitability. The bar is a completely special storage system, with a huge number of niches, compartments, shelves and other inventory. The proper internal organization of the bar determines the speed and quality of service.

    There is no bounds in the design of bar. But the most different style directions, from elegant American classics, to brutal loft, are similarly subordinated to the convenience of customers and employees.

    The choice of finishing materials for the bar area is determined by the general style of the interior. Perfect and most frequent choice of restaurants of European cuisine with a classic interior is a noble natural tree. Its texture, color, and energy create a special atmosphere and provide the client with a long rest. Fusion-kitchen facilities with ultramodern interiors give preference to synthetic materials: artificial stone, acrylic, metal. They are characterized by increased resistance, more plastic and allow the creation of bar of a wide variety of shapes.

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