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    Some customers refuse to have the decoration services, when ordering interior design from a professional bureau. Is it worth it to save on decorating?

    Decoration from the design studio
    In sketches or 3D visualizations, the designer studies every detail and offers a complete interior. When the repair is completed, the dwelling is simply empty. The decoration is given to the rooms the concluded view. The concept of decoration is planned at the stage of developing a design project. The designer studies catalogs of salons and manufacturers. At this stage, the designer together with the customer selects decor and accessories: all kinds of lighting, carpets, window and furniture textiles, paintings, sculptures, vases, etc. At the final stage, the designer intelligently arranges decor items.

    Interior decoration with own hands
    Professional design studio in Kiev will never offer obsolete and frankly tasteless decorating solutions to the client. However, having clear ideas about the interior of the future dwelling, it is quite realistic to realize the decoration independently. Use different light sources at all levels and bright color accents as decor. For example, even the simplest situation can be easily revived with the help of the bright color.
    But it is necessary to correctly prioritize and rationally spend the budget.

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