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    Bar, café and restaurant design: how the idea is embodied

    The development of the project begins with a concept. It takes into account: the specialization, target audience, the format of the service, the size and features of the premises, etc. These factors determine the specifics of a variety of architectural, interior and technological solutions.

    The technical assignment for bar, café and restaurant design

    This document contains such information as architectural and construction requirements and requirements for equipment, the total number of seats and how many clients are planned to serve in one shift, the production technology, menu and product assortment, the specifics of the kitchen and the servicing staff. The description is accompanied by a sweep drawing of the room, where the main utilities are indicated.

    Planning solutions for cafes and restaurants from Design Evolution
    The complex planning solution of a cafe or restaurant from Design Evolution consists of

    – Technological project (the product engineer develops the specification of equipment, plans for its placement, and binding to communications).

    – Engineering project (plans for ventilation and air conditioning, heating, water supply and canalization, electric networks, security and fire alarm, etc.).

    – Architectural design (the sizes, forms, and other characteristics of a premise);

    – Volumetric planning solution (based on the actual dimensions of the room and the volume dimensions of furniture, decor and other elements of interior and the exterior).

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