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    The possibilities of lighting design in the interior of the office are almost limitless. Using different scenarios you can significantly transform the space: divide it into separate zones or visually expand the space.

    Light-design in the office

    The task of the lighting design is to modify the space in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Competent construction of the lighting scenario is based on three main principles: aesthetic, ergonomic and energy efficiency. Light-design must match with the interior design of the office. The best way to emphasize all its advantages is to use of all levels of lighting.

    – The central illumination. There is a central chandelier that designed to provide the necessary illumination in the room.

    – The regular lighting (the table lamps, floor lamps and lamps above the working areas).

    – The spot lighting which highlights interior items (vases, paintings, etc.). This is the final touch of the interior, which focuses on its most important characteristics or details.

    Light design, in addition to the aesthetic component, has a scientific basis. Knowledge of the characteristics of the light flux helps to achieve maximum expressiveness of space.

    Light as an element of modern office design

    The balance of lighting types is very important in a harmonious interior. In modern office design, you need to make maximum use of natural light. A comfortable environment is created by combined lighting – a combination of natural and artificial lighting.

    Thus, lighting is the most important element of the interior. A competently built scenario changes the space depending on the desires and needs of its inhabitants.
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