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    What determines the price of apartment design?

    When you ordering a design project, you get a very detailed repair plan, based on accurate calculations, measurements, drawings; several options for planning solutions and furniture arrangement; sketches, etc. At the very least, these plans guarantee you a significant time saving.

    Price for the design of the apartment

    The average price for the design of the apartment in Kiev ranges from $ 40 to $ 50 per sq. m. More often, design studio provide customers with the option of filling the package of services from the minimum necessary, to the fullest.

    – quantity survey;
    – layout (with optional dismantling plan);
    – layout (with optional installation plan);
    – furniture arranging plan;
    – plumbing fixtures location plan;
    – architectural replanning;
    – floor and ceiling plan;
    – cross-sections in ceiling;
    – lighting groups plan;
    – plugs deployment plan;
    – power switchboard scheme;
    – scheme of doorways;
    – walls names plan;
    – walls covering plan.

    Choosing a more complete design project, the customer also receives a 3D visualization service. The service of completing the object and selection of materials for decoration, furniture, bathroom equipment, etc. is in great demand recently. Also, the design studio offers the service of designer`s and technical supervision.
    The design project is indispensable in order to ensure that the interior is exactly in accordance with the approved project. You must compensate the investments in it and get conceived interior.

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