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    The hall`s décor

    Correct design of the hall in modern interior design.

    As a rule, we make special aesthetic demands on the design of living rooms. However, there are should not be trifles in modern interior design. You only need to carefully think through each room, from the living room to the hall.

    How to arrange the hall?

    In essence, the hall is the visiting card of the apartment. This is the room your guests and you see the first. In addition, the hall carries a huge functional load. This is a zone for storing outerwear, shoes and accessories. There should be enough light and it should have a large mirror. For someone it is very important to make the entrance hall very comfortable.

    Hall design

    The primary tasks of the designer are to achieve maximum functionality of the room, select finishing materials, colors and furniture models of. The materials used for finishing must be waterproof and wear-resistant, especially for floor covering.

    In the hall we put the finishing touches on our own appearance, so without a full-length mirror and multi-level lighting it is indispensable. In addition, the mirror and glossy surfaces perfectly perform the function of visual expansion of space. The color of the room should not be discordant with the general style of the interior. Details of furniture (cabinets, hangers etc.), door phone and alarm panel should be functional and ergonomic.
    The design of the hall is creating an aesthetic and practical interior ensemble.

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