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    The complete set of interior

    Selection of materials and other services of the interiors designer

    Quality interior designer services are not limited to the design of sketches. To ensure that your interior is exactly like 3D visualizations, you need the service of complete set – selection and delivery of building and finishing materials, furniture, bathroom fitment, decoration.

    Interior design price: is it worth saving on a complete set?

    The search for everything necessary for construction and repair work is a laborious process. This job is better entrusted to the designer. He is well acquainted with the offers of the market, perfectly oriented in the articles, sizes, models, colors and materials. He has a clear idea of the style orientation and the price category of necessary decor items and lighting fixtures, bathroom equipment and furniture. As a rule, the price of the complete set is a fixed price per square meter.

    Complex of interior designer services

    The complete set and selection of materials includes:

    – Selection, calculation, and completion the finishing materials, which are procured and delivered to the facility according to the terms specified in the contract;

    – Selection the furniture, plumbing fixtures, textiles, lighting devices and decor items;

    – Selection and manufacture the furniture and other products by author’s sketches;

    – Development of a plan for arranging furniture, where all the articles are marked;

    – Specification.

    This interior designer service saves you from storing materials or furniture, exchanging or returning a substandard product. The complete set helps you to spend the budget rationally and saving time and nerves.

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