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    Design of a family`s house

    A small cozy cottage, located far from the bustling city is the dream of many inhabitants of the metropolis. Where should you direct your attention if you have already begun to implement it?

    Design of a house in harmony with nature

    The architecture, exterior and interior design of the house, created according to the rules of organic and ecological construction, is a natural extension of the external environment. The use of natural building and finishing materials, the natural color palette further emphasizes the interrelation of the external and internal spaces.

    Projects of houses for families in the eco-style, as a rule, provide for the strict geometry of buildings, one or two floors, flat or gable roofs, wide terraces, panoramic glass cover. The combination of these elements gives the building structure a certain visual ease. The interior of such a building is an organic part of the natural environment.

    Interior of the house in the eco-style

    To make the country house truly a place for outdoor recreation, interior designers make their best to preserve and reflect in the interior the natural beauty of the area. Natural colors will not be discordant with the environment, and skillfully placed accents will not allow the interior to become boring.

    The minimalism and Scandinavian design are often preferred in the style of such houses. First of all, interior designers attract free and ergonomically adjusted space. An important place in the interior of any country house is a fireplace. This place is designed in accordance with the general style.

    Realize the dream of your own home, and let its interior be the most beautiful and unique!

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