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    First of all, harmonious design of cafes and restaurants is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. From exclusive details of the decor, ergonomic solutions, lighting features develops a unique style of interior design.

    Special style of restaurant is largely revealed in the interior design. For example, restaurants of national cuisine are difficult to imagine without ethnic elements. Fusion-cuisine cafes have only a modern interior, with appropriate architectural style, furniture, lighting and finishing materials. At the same time, youth cafes and conceptual restaurant can use a wide variety of directions and styles – from strict minimalism to classics, in its American or English versions.

    Eclecticism is also quite popular, when the varieties of trends are collected in the interior design. There are all elements of decor contrast with each other in eclectic interior. And at the same time, such a visual fling and color riot should be clearly verified and metered. Zoning space, division into themed halls, original decorations of the bar, dance floor, chill-outs provide opportunities for implementing different styles and directions of interior design.

    The recognizable aesthetics of the interior becomes a real business card. The original design emphases and supplements the advantages of the kitchen. After all, the main thing is that the restaurant or café had always had a unique, special atmosphere for visitors.

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