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    In a professional design project, the ergonomics of the future dwelling space is calculated up to centimeters.

    Ergonomics is a rather complex science, accumulating knowledge of psychology and physiology, color and life safety. A professional designer takes into account a lot of factors: from the dimensions of furniture to the psychophysiological characteristics of the client.
    The basic rules of ergonomics:
    – safety;
    – efficiency;
    – comfort.

    The comfort and the safety are the key points in the competent planning of the rooms. The second important rule – the dimensions of cabinets and upholstered furniture should be correlated with the size of the room. In small spaces it is necessary to avoid cumbersome upholstered furniture. The same applies to cabinet furniture: instead of a large wardrobe, it is better to give preference to a functional built-in storage system. For spacious rooms it is also necessary to calculate the number of pieces of furniture and its dimensions so as not to choke the room and sustain it in a single style. Another ergonomic theorem is the rule of the opening zone. According to it, for any opening mechanisms (doors, drawers, etc.), sufficient space is needed.

    The bodily comfort of staying in the room is provided by a color palette. Background and accent colors should be a single composite whole and emphasize high aesthetic qualities of the interior.

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