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    Decorative plaster for the bathroom
    Today, the producers of finishing materials offer many innovations that will allow you to create a unique and practical interior. We recommend paying attention to the decorative plaster for the bathroom. Specially developed composition allows it to be used in rooms with high humidity.
    Decorative moisture resistant plaster
    The humidity and the temperature in the rooms are of primary importance. Special properties of decorative plaster attach special polymer compounds. In the rough finish, the most important are sanitizing mix. They are an obligatory basis for applying a decorative layer. For finish use dry mixtures or ready-to-apply formulations with the addition of various pigments and elements that mimic natural materials.
    Advantages of moisture resistant plasters:
    – ease of application and subsequent operation;
    – ecological compatibility and durability;
    – high aesthetic qualities.
    All the variety of decorative plasters allows creating either a smooth or textured surface.
    The effect of smoothness, imitation of natural stone can be achieved with the use of Venetian plaster with a rich color range and glossy texture. The relief on the walls is created with the help of structural plasters. But structural plasters are less preferable for the bathroom due to moisture settling.
    Decorative plaster in the bathroom is an excellent alternative to tile. This is an environmentally friendly and durable coating. The variety of its textures and colors will help create a unique interior.

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