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    One-roomed flat`s design

    In the new design project we created an interior that fully meets all the client’s requirements. As a result of replanning, the building was divided into two separate zones: private and guest. The cozy bedroom was enlarged by the addition of a balcony. Thanks to this, we placed working area in a small niche in a corner of the room.

    In the most compact kitchen the accent is made on the ergonomics. The dining area is represented by a bar that separates the working area from the rest of the room. A beautiful seating area with comfortable upholstered furniture is near the large window. There are a dressing room and a laundry in the transformed hall. The bathroom was also enlarged.

    The interior of the small flat is decorated in modern style. Its main principle is maximum functionality and minimal decor. The kitchen was decorated with an original apron and hi-tech cooker hood. The lounge area is decorated laconically. Furnishing is represented by an armchair, coffee tables and a comfortable corner sofa.

    The light walls and a white ceiling with a glossy texture reflect sunlight. Spot lights and LED backlight fill the room with diffuse soft light. Depth and volume in the interior bring a few contrasting strokes: a black glass wall of the walk-in closet and an accent wall in the bedroom.

    There are a few laconic details in the apartment: decorative panels, designer lamps, and coffee tables.

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