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    MyHouseIdea about DIPLOMAT HALL

    This new design project is rigorous, stylish and very ambitious! The area and the unique layout of the space are the main its feature. The apartment has got a new look owing to the complex reconstruction. Dwelling space was expanded by sacrificing a part of the terrace. There was a spacious living room with three zones: kitchen, dining and lounge area. The rest bedrooms and bathrooms are combined into two separate units. There are the classic lines intertwined with cutting edge materials. The light framed the shadow.
    The design project is solved with a combination of black and white colors. The shades of natural wood and leather, from which the dining group is made, furniture in the lounge area and wine cabinet, balance the color palette.
    The furniture and plumbing, chandeliers and lamps decorate the rooms. The glossy white and black fronts of furniture and equipment are literally invisible against the general background.
    Here every detail is in its place. No halftones and uncertainty – just style and luxury.

    Details about the project on the page – Diplomat Hall project
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